We are proud to be a genuinely diverse firm. We don’t look for a certain type of person, we look for people who bring us something different. New ideas. New perspectives. Open-mindedness. And the kind of collaborative spirit that leads to powerful solutions to complex problems. 

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At Clyde & Co we know the legal profession benefits from diverse voices, but we also know how difficult it can be to get a foot in the door. We want to change this.

LIFT exists to provide fair access to experience in the corporate sector by opening the door a little wider. So if you’ve not been successful with our Early Careers programmes, or you’re not meeting the eligibility requirements for legal schemes, our LIFT Insight Weeks might be just for you.

These skills development programmes are open to anyone 18 years or older, no longer in compulsory education, and from lower socio-economic backgrounds via the Social Mobility programme and of Black Heritage via the Black Heritage programme.

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We are a global firm, which is one of the reasons why we are so passionate about diversity and inclusion. We want everyone here to be empowered and to thrive, so if you join us, we will continue to focus on removing barriers to your progression. 

Creating a diverse and inclusive working environment, is critical to the success of our global business. We are committed to treating everyone equitably and with the utmost respect. The fact that we are a global firm makes us even more committed to diversity – we want to be a diverse as the communities in which we work. In recent years, we have made significant advancement in this area, but we will continue to dedicate ourselves to progressing this further and further each year. 

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We have been working hard to improve our policies and practices across the firm to ensure they support us in developing our culture in an inclusive way. We're committed to creating a diverse and welcoming workplace that allows all our people to reach their full potential. We also want to make a positive impact on our local communities through our corporate responsibility programme. We’re a firm that believes in justice, mutual respect and progression without barriers.


We work with diverse clients. In diverse communities, all over the world. And it’s important to us to be reflective of those communities. So when you join us, you’ll have lots of opportunities to make a contribution to the wider world as well as to our clients. Here are two of our biggest initiatives…

Many of our programmes work with young people from less advantaged backgrounds; helping raise their aspirations, improve their employability skills and widen access to the legal profession. We want our people to participate in volunteering opportunities that not only allow them to make a difference in their communities, but also develop their own skills. In the UK, we run a work experience programme for 16-year olds called ‘Bridge to the City’, which helps young people increase their understanding of professional careers and enhances employability skills.

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As part of our global corporate responsibility programme, we display art in our offices to help and inspire conversations around mental health and to support students as they transition from art school to professional artist. We partner with the Perspective Project, a social enterprise, who help tackle mental heath stigma through art and creativity.

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The preservation of our environment is increasingly important to our firm and to our clients – one of the reasons why we’re committed to being a more sustainable and energy-efficient business. We understand that our business has an impact on the environment so we’re constantly exploring ways that we can manage our operations and buildings in a way that minimises ours.

Our key priorities are to use less paper, travel less and reduce the waste in our offices.

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As a global law firm, we’re committed to making sure communities around the world have secure and fair access to legal advice and justice. Across our network, we’ve developed partnerships with legal clinics and NGOs, and we encourage our trainees and lawyers to participate in pro bono opportunities as much as possible.

Not only does this enable us to support individuals and charities, it’s also a great way for our lawyers to develop their skills and enhance their knowledge of areas of law that they might not typically work in.

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Our Partnerships

To help us achieve our goal of creating a more diverse and inclusive firm, we partner with a range of organisations who support us in developing and sustaining our strategy and its implementation.

  • Mindful Business Charter
  • Trans in the City
  • The Halo Code
  • Carers UK
  • Disability Confident Committed
  • Mansfield Rule
  • MyGWork
  • Bright Horizons
  • My Family Care
  • Business Disability Forum
  • Race Fairness Commitment
  • Social Mobility Foundation’s employer index - Top 75 Employer