Pro Bono

As a global law firm, we’re committed to making sure communities around the world have secure and fair access to legal advice and justice. Across our network, we’ve developed partnerships with legal clinics and NGOs, and we encourage our trainees and lawyers to participate in pro bono opportunities as much as possible.

Not only does this enable us to support individuals and charities, it’s also a great way for our lawyers to develop their skills and enhance their knowledge of areas of law that they might not typically work in.

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The Pillars of Pro Bono

Young Lives

Dealing with legal issues relating to our health, our home or our family can be stressful and destabilising. We run pro bono projects that empower young people and their families through pro bono advice so they do not have to navigate the legal system and their legal issues alone.

Equality before the Law

It is fundamental tenet of our legal system that all people must be equally protected by the law, without discrimination. Our pro bono practice seeks to uphold this principle and to provide legal assistance to those who would otherwise be unable to access justice.

Sustainability & Climate Change

Our pro bono work aims to complement the firm’s Climate Change Risk Practice. Climate Change is a defining issue of our time and one we cannot ignore. It is having catastrophic effects on our environment and, as lawyers, we can help to build a better future by using our legal skills and knowledge to tackle this issue and promote sustainability. We are proud of our trainee-led Climate Change Group which leads the charge on our climate-related pro bono projects.



Undocumented children in the UK are vulnerable to poverty, social exclusion and exploitation. And as they transition into adulthood, they can find themselves prevented from accessing medical care, higher education, employment and justice. Kids In Need of Defense (KIND) UK runs a national project that helps undocumented children living in the UK to secure British citizenship or permission to reside in the UK. A dedicated KIND UK lawyer trains and supports Clyde & Co’s pro bono volunteers to handle a citizenship / immigration case from start to finish. From conducting remote interviews with families to obtain essential background information, to drafting letters of advice and application forms, KIND UK provides an excellent opportunity for Trainees to work alongside like-minded lawyers whilst learning all about immigration law on the go!

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ZEUSS Project

Praxis is a charity that provides expert advice, housing and peer support so migrants can overcome barriers that they face. In collaboration with a team of pro bono volunteers from Clyde & Co and several other commercial law firms, Praxis delivered the 3-month ZEUSS Project. Through the Project we assisted “Zambrano carers” to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) for secure immigration status before the deadline of 30 June. These “Zambrano carers” (non-EU sole parents or carers of British children) included survivors of domestic abuse, those with literacy or language problems and those with mental health issues and physical disabilities, who would have been unable to make an application without assistance.

Trainees were paired with senior lawyers and a Praxis lawyer was assigned to oversee our work. In addition to taking part in an extremely worthwhile project, this aspect of the Project allowed Trainees to meet lawyers from different departments at the firm and to work alongside them on a matter. Typical involvement in the project included liaising with the client, checking the client’s eligibility to apply, obtaining and reviewing evidence and preparing the application. By the end of the 3-month Project, volunteers had assisted Praxis to successfully submit applications for a total of 85 families comprising 104 individual applications.

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Climate Change Group – Knepp Estate

Knepp Castle Estate is a pioneering rewilding project based in West Sussex, UK. The aim of the project is to restore an area of intensively farmed land to its natural state and to re-establish its native ecosystems. The project aims to achieve this through reintroducing native grazing animals, restoring natural water courses and encouraging the breeding of rare species including turtle doves, nightingales, peregrine falcons and purple emperor butterflies.

11 Trainees from the firm's Climate Change Group worked closely with lawyers at all levels and various departments in the firm to produce a comprehensive memorandum of advice for Knepp, advising on a variety of topics including potential sources of liability, regulatory obligations and partnership agreements with third party organisations.