Diversity & Inclusion Training

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Diversity and Inclusion 3

D&I training is mandatory for all staff, both for fee earners and business services and we regularly deliver inclusion training on specific topics to help employees to understand their role in encouraging an inclusive culture. This includes:

Unconscious bias interview training

We strongly encourage all fee earners involved in recruitment to undertake unconscious bias interview training called Hemisphere, which has been developed by Rare who are specialists in workplace diversity and is a training tool to help combat bias in the interview process.

Race Fluency training

We are currently rolling our mandatory race fluency training in all our UK offices to increase awareness of the importance of inclusion in the workplace, with a particular focus on culture and antiracism.

Mental Health training

For all partners, senior lawyers and managers to develop the skills of our people to increase understanding and skills to manage mental health within their roles.

Summer Associate 12

In addition to this we run a Reverse Mentoring scheme, which flips the traditional mentoring hierarchy to focus on developing mutually beneficial mentoring relationships between senior staff and underrepresented individuals, helping to deepen the understanding of diversity and inclusion. We also regularly host webinars which support the awareness of key issues across gender, race, LGBTQIA+, mental health, and more, within the firm. Recent examples include passive vs active allyship, neurodiversity at work, understanding the menopause, and transgender inclusion in the workplace.

Mental Wellbeing

Mental Health & Wellbeing

We have recently had a global mental health strategy approved by the Management Board which was based on an independent review of our framework and practice to support mental health.

As part of this project over 1,300 employees globally completed a survey relating to mental health and we ran focus groups across all our regions. In response to this we are rolling out a global training programme focused on how to understand and manage mental health within the workplace.

The Champion Health App

To help empower our people to take proactive steps to support their own wellbeing we are proud to be able to offer all our people access to Champion Health - a wellbeing app designed to help people to thrive in all areas of wellbeing.

We also offer a wellbeing day so our people can take time out when they need it.

Mindful Business Charter

We are signatories of the Mindful Business Charter, joining a range of businesses and professional service firms around the world in a collective commitment to address the avoidable stresses in our working practices and to promote healthier and more effective ways of working. By signing the Charter, we will be committing to abide by a set of principles centred on openness and respect for each other, improved communication, respect for working hours and considerate delegation of tasks. We hope that the charter will help us to work in an effective and healthier way.

Mental Health First Aider programme

We have implemented a successful Mental Health First Aider programme, ensuring that we have representation in our larger UK offices and across various departments and roles. Across the year we have delivered webinars on a range of topics including: the science of sleep, financial wellbeing, managing work and family life and reducing anxiety. We also host webinars and publish blogs where our partners and employees share their own stories and experiences to help reduce the stigma of talking about mental health.