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You’re welcome to contact us if you have any questions or need any extra clarification on anything. There are a few different ways to reach us.


You’re welcome to contact us if you have any questions or need any extra clarification on anything. There are a few different ways to reach us.


To learn about our process and read our hints and tips, please visit Hints & Tips (

Can I apply to more than one location and role?

You can only apply for one programme every 12 months, but you can sign up for multiple insight events and apply for a programme.


What are your academic requirements? Do you take mitigating circumstances into account?

Our academic requirements for Vacation Schemes and Training Contracts are AAB in your A-levels and a 2.1 degree (or equivalent). For the Paralegal Academy, they are CCC at A-level and a 2.2 degree. We’ll always consider mitigating circumstances and look at each application using the Rare contextualised recruitment system. No application is automatically rejected based on academics.


Will I receive feedback if I am unsuccessful in my applications for any of the programmes? 

Unfortunately, we cannot offer feedback at the application stage because of the high number of applications we receive. However, you will receive an automated feedback report after you have completed the Digital Simulation stage. We’ll always provide feedback if you attend an assessment centre or interview.


Reasonable Adjustments

We want to make our process accessible and fair to all. Please reach out to us if you require any adjustments. If you would prefer to speak to a dedicated member of our team, you can contact Grace directly at


Where can I find out more about Vacation Schemes?

All dates and eligibility requirements can be found here: Vacation scheme (

Our vacation schemes are held in our London office to recruit for London training contracts. For 2024, we will be running a Summer Vacation Scheme only. Please visit our Scotland pages for information on our Scotland Vacation Scheme.


Who can apply for vacation schemes?

As we are recruiting for 2026 Training Contracts via our Vacation Scheme, we require that applicants are law undergraduates in their final year or non-law undergraduates in the penultimate year.


I am a final-year law student. Can I apply?

No, unfortunately, we have a limited number of places on our one Vacation Scheme. We are unable to make exceptions to the eligibility criteria.

Final year law students are eligible to apply for our Bristol Training Contracts or our June 2024 intake of the Paralegal Academy (applications will open in February 2024, and locations will be varied, but our TBC).


Do I need to be available for the full vacation scheme?

Yes – you’ll need to be available to attend the entire scheme.


Can I complete the Vacation Scheme from outside of the UK?

Our programmes are now in-person, and we require all participants of our schemes to be based in the UK. We cannot sponsor visas for our programmes (only training contracts), so you will need the Right to Work via a passport or a student visa (our programme dates will need to be outside your term dates for eligibility).


When will I know if I've been offered a training contract?

We’ll aim to let you know within two weeks of the vacation scheme end date. 


Can I apply directly for a Training Contract?

We recruit most of our trainees via Vacation Schemes, but we have direct Training Contract application routes in Bristol and Belfast.

We also recruit trainees from our existing paralegals, so you may consider this option (please note our paralegals require 12 months of service before they can apply for a training contract). The Early Careers team do not recruit paralegal roles outside of the Paralegal Academy, but you can search the careers site for available roles: Clyde & Co Job Board (


Do you have a March intake? 

We don’t – we only have a September intake.


Will I have to complete a seat in Guildford during my London training contract?

If you join the London and Guildford training contract, one of your seats could be in Guildford.


Can I start my training contract early or defer after I have accepted a training contract offer? 

Possibly – we look at requests on a case-by-case basis.


What is the Paralegal Academy?

Please visit our dedicated page for guidance: Paralegal Academy (


Can I apply to more than one location and role? 

You can only apply for one location and one role every 12 months. Please only make one application; we must withdraw you from the process.


What intakes do you have?

Our current application windows are February/March for a June start date and also August/September for a November start date. This may vary and is subject to change based on business needs.


I have 2+ years of experience as a paralegal. Am I eligible to apply?

We recommend you apply for the experience hire roles, which are still part of the Paralegal Academy but are not recruited by the Early Careers team. These are called


What training and development do trainees receive?

Please visit our training page to get detailed information: Your training (


Do you still accept LPCs?

For our direct Training Contract vacancies in England, which are currently only in Bristol, you can apply with an LPC. However, we will require you to complete part of the SQE (SQE2 and our SQE+ programme). This is to ensure that from 2025, all our trainees start the Training Contract having received the same training. We would arrange and pay for these courses.


I’m studying a Scottish or Irish law degree – do I need to do the PGDL and SQE?

Suppose you want to apply for a role in England and qualify in England and Wales. In that case, you may need to complete parts of the PGDL (law conversion course) – we’d recommend contacting the Solicitors Regulation Authority for further advice. All trainees will need to complete the SQE.

We have roles available in our Scottish and Northern Irish offices, so please visit the relevant part of this site to learn more.


Can I still apply if I’m already studying the PGDL or SQE at another institution (not the University of Law)?

Yes. However, if you haven’t started your course yet, we suggest taking courses with the University of Law.


Do you offer support for tuition fees and a maintenance grant for the PGDL and SQE? 

We cover the cost of tuition fees and provide a maintenance grant for the PGDL/SQE. We cannot reimburse expenses for completed courses, but if you are currently studying, we can cover costs and provide a pro-rated maintenance grant from the point you accept a Training Contract offer.


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