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If you’re looking for the perfect environment to learn, develop and progress, we think you’ll love life here. We’re a growing firm (one of the fastest growing in the world, in fact). And we work at the heart of sectors that drive global trade and commerce. It makes this an unrivalled opportunity to take on exciting, high profile work and to grow as rapidly as us.


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Clyde & Co Early Careers

Hear from James Major about how important Early Careers are to building the next generation of Clyde & Co, and about his own 20 year experience with the firm. 


We work with diverse clients. So it makes very good business sense for us to have a diverse team. But for us, diversity is about more than that. It’s about tapping into different mindsets. Celebrating individuality. Recognising that fresh perspectives can open up new possibilities for our firm, and for our clients. And it’s about making this a fantastic, inclusive place to work.

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