Competition for our programmes is extremely fierce so we’ve put together these hints and tips that will help you to make your application stands out. We’ve included some of the questions we’re most often asked as well.


We’re big on spotting potential and the sooner we see it the better. We have a number of student programmes for everyone - from first years to graduates, for people who are studying law and for people who are studying non-law subjects. So there’s a very good chance we’ll have something to suit you. The application process varies slightly from programme to programme, but generally speaking this is what you’ll need to do:

Explore the programme specific information throughout this website to understand which opportunity is the right one for you. Try and attend an Insight Event to find out more.


For all programmes, you’ll need to make your application online via our online application system.


Following your online application, you will be invited to complete our Digital Simulation.


If your response during the Digital Simulation stage suggest you have what it takes to be successful here at Clyde& Co, you will be invited to the final stage of our assessment process – the virtual Assessment Day.

Hints & Tips for your Application

Do your research

Spend time researching the firm – start with our website but also try to attend law fairs, webinars, insight days and other virtual events to get a real feel and culture for the firms you’re applying to.


Understand your strengths & transferable skills
Have you had any non-legal work experience? What are your strengths and how can you display these as part of the process? What transferable skills have you obtained that are relevant for a career as a lawyer?



Make sure you proofread your application before submitting it. Spelling and grammar mistakes do make a difference – for lawyers in particular, attention to detail is key.

Academic history

Put this in chronologically, starting with your most recent studies.


Work experience

Include both legal and non-legal work experience. We recognise that not everyone will have had an opportunity to secure work experience in a law firm before applying. That's ok. What we are really interested in is the skills, experience and knowledge that you've gained along the way and why this would make you a successful lawyer.


Rare Contextual Recruitment System

We use this for all our roles. It helps us identify high potential individuals by putting candidates’ grades in the context of their social and educational background.

The questions

You will find a variety of question types, including some video and written responses. Some of these questions may present you with a range of situations and challenges that you can expect to face as a trainee here at Clyde. Think about how you would respond to the different challenges and opportunities you can expect as part of your daily work.

Some questions also focus on motivation for the role, and what you can bring to the firm. Try to answer these honestly, as we want to know how you would respond authentically. We also want to give you the opportunity to learn more about Clyde and the role you have applied for.

Avoiding interruptions and technical issues

Find a quiet space with a neutral background to avoid any disruptions during your interview.


Test the camera and mic on your device and check your internet connection prior to your interview to mitigate any technical issues that may occur. If you find yourself having technical issues, please contact the Early Careers Team for support as soon as possible – 


The assessment is not timed overall, so please take it at your own pace. However, there are some video interview questions where you will be given set time to prepare and then record your response.

This is a two-way street 

Try to use this as an opportunity to understand more about the role of a trainee at Clyde & Co.


After your Digital Simulation
Regardless of the outcome following this assessment, you will receive a personalised feedback report via email.


At the final stage of the process, we are assessing candidates based on the strengths that will deliver success in a role.  This is great for the individual, doing work they love, and great for the employer, having team members who love what they do. As part of the Assessment Day, you will take park in; Commercial Thinking Exercise, Role Play, Group Exercise and Strengths Based Interview. 


Before you attend…

Be prepared to talk about your motivations for joining us and why you’re keen to embark on a career in an international law firm.


Be yourself

Simply reciting information from our website or giving generic answers won’t show us why you want to join our firm over any others. Our interviewers want to get to know the real you, so be confident in yourself and let your personality shine through on the day.


Be varied

Remember to use different examples in your answers – these can be hypothetical from your work experience, extra circular activities or university. If you’ve had relevant non-law experience or undertaken any volunteering work, talk about this too – they all hold transferable skills.


Know your law firm

Where possible try to demonstrate an understanding of how a law firm works, thinking about what clients want from a law firm, the pressure firms and clients are under, and how a firm can help alleviate some of those pressures and achieve a client’s goals. 


Don’t stress

Most importantly, interviewers want you to succeed so don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Relax and try to get a good night's sleep the day before your interview.

Application Advice

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If you have any questions, either about applying to join us or anything else, check out our Frequently Asked Questions or please get in touch. Our Early Careers team are here to help.

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