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You’re welcome to contact us if you have any questions or need any extra clarification on anything. There are a few different ways to reach us.


You’re welcome to contact us if you have any questions or need any extra clarification on anything. There are a few different ways to reach us.


Do you accept CVs and cover letters?


We don’t – you’ll need to make your application via our online application portal. It’s a good idea to have a copy of your CV to hand though as we’ll want to know about your education and any work experience you have.


Can I apply to more than one location and role?


You can apply for both an insight day and a vacation scheme every year, but you can’t apply for two different vacation schemes.


Who can apply for vacation schemes?


Our vacation schemes are for law students in their second year or above and non-law undergraduates, unless you are applying for our winter vacation scheme which is only open to those in final year of undergraduate study and graduates. If you’re completing a year abroad and on a four year degree, you can apply from your second year. Please read each job description carefully and any specific eligibility will feature here. 

Do you accept applications from mature students?


We accept applications from mature students as well as from graduates who are looking to change career.


What are your academic requirements? Do you take mitigating circumstances into account?


Our academic requirements are AAB in your A-levels and a 2.1 degree (or equivalent). We’ll always take mitigating circumstances into account and look at each application using the Rare contextualised recruitment system.


Can I complete my vacation scheme from one of the Clyde & Co offices overseas if I am not based in the UK?


Because our application process involves a group assessment, you’ll need to complete your vacation scheme in the UK.


 Can I complete the vacation scheme from outside of the UK?


Our programmes are now in person and we require all participants of our schemes to be based in the UK as there is the opportunity to complete some of the scheme in person.


Will I receive feedback if I am unsuccessful in my applications for any of the programmes?


Unfortunately, because of the high number of applications we receive, we’re not able to offer feedback at the application stage. However, you will receive a feedback report after you have completed the Digital Simulation stage. We’ll always provide feedback if you attend a vacation scheme assessment centre or the vacation scheme itself.




I’m studying a Scottish or Irish law degree – do I need to do the GDL and LPC?


You might need to complete parts of the GDL – we’d recommend getting in touch with the Solicitors Regulation Authority for further advice. All trainees will need to complete the LPC.


If I’m already studying the GDL or LPC at another institution (not the University of Law), can I still apply?


Yes. However, if you haven’t started your course yet, we do ask if you can switch your provider to the University of Law.


Do you offer support for tuition fees and a maintenance grant for the GDL and LPC?


We offer financial support for tuition fees and a maintenance allowance for the GDL/LPC from the point you accept an offer. 

Do you have a winter vacation scheme?


Yes, we run a winter vacation scheme as well as a spring and summer scheme. Please click here for more information on the schemes we offer.


Do I need to be available for the full duration of a vacation scheme?


Yes – you’ll need to be available to attend the entire scheme.


When will I know if I've been offered a training contract?


We’ll aim to let you know within two weeks of the vacation scheme end date. 

Do you have a March intake?


We don’t – we only have a September intake.


Will I have to complete a seat in Guildford during my London training contract?


If you join the London and Guildford training contract, one of your seats could be in Guildford.


Can I start my training contract early or defer after I have accepted a training contract offer?


Possibly – we look at requests on a case-by-case basis.


Get in touch and let us know how we can help you.