We look for people with potential. For people who are keen to tackle complex issues and learn from skilled experts. You’ll also need plenty of initiative and good communication skills.

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Managing Your Career

Whether you join us as a student or as a fully-fledged trainee, you’ll get all the legal training you need to learn quickly and develop even faster. After all, you’re the future of the firm. We’ll cover the technical side of things, so you can advise your clients with confidence. And we’ll also help you to develop the softer skills that will give you a sharp commercial edge. Our training has a big focus on wellbeing to ensure that, right from day one, you're personally set up for a successful career in law. This is training that will unlock your potential. It could even make you a leader. Your career journey doesn't stop after completing your training - our most successful lawyers are those who continue to take the time to invest in themselves and enhance their skills and capabilities.
Explore our opportunities

Learn how to work effectively with others, and to manage and lead them

Build your business development skills

Gain strong business and financial knowledge

Develop a strong personal brand

Become a technically excellent lawyer

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As you progress through your legal career, you will be supported by various legal, technical and business-focused training sessions. In addition to this, you will have access to MyDevelopment – an online training resource to support you with your personal and professional development. We also have an extensive training library which will help you to succeed within your role, fulfil your potential and progress your career.


Across all of our global programmes, you can expect the training and exposure you need to become an accomplished lawyer. But for us, development is ongoing. So when you reach the end of your programme, you’ll still have all sorts of opportunities to learn, grow and progress, all the way up to partnership.